Text analysis and statistics 


Lexicanalytics is a tool that helps researchers working in the area of text analysis to get lexical metrics and some others measurements. Aside, it gives some statistical outputs for those who may incorporate multiple productions analysis. It was developed by GlauberRLeite with the aid of Elian Santos from Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL), who works with this kind of data for her research. It is free by nature and is available for use without restrictions, although it is focused in academic works and is released under a GPL License to protect the rights of reuse, for more information see the license.

Production information

Each processed text production gives information like number of words, lines and TTR (Lexical Diversity).

Statistical measurements

You can get statistical measurements like mean, mode and stardard deviation in a general overview.

Multiple productions

Previously, Lexicanalytics processed a single production at a time. Now you can put multiple texts and get more resources from it.

Word occurrences

The user have access to a list of words and it's occurrences on a given production or the complete data.


It's possible to view and save graphs of word occurrences, TTR and other productions measurements from the sample.

Save Report

You can save the report to a editable text file that you can use on text editor or other tools.

Prerequisite! To run Lexicanalytics you'll need Java 8u40 or superior installed in your machine.

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Elian Santos is an undergraduate student in pedagogy at the Federal University of Alagoas. Member of LAME (Laboratório do Manuscrito Escolar) research group where she works with linguistics applied to education. Lexical density and diversity are among her main interests. She was responsible for the conception of Lexicanalytics and aided in its development at requirements specifications.